What Is It Like To Live In Delaware?

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You might be wondering: What is it like to live in Delaware? This article will briefly overview the state and its lifestyle, including the job market, social life, and cost of living. In addition, you will discover why the town of Rehoboth Beach is a popular vacation spot. You can also learn about its booming tourism industry and its beautiful beaches. Here are the top three reasons to move to Delaware!

The job market in Delaware

The job market in Delaware is strong and will continue to grow, despite globalization and technological change. The state’s job growth is expected to continue throughout the next decade, and the number of job openings will rise by 69%. Middle-skill jobs will represent the majority of jobs throughout the state and can be gained through affordable education programs. They are also attractive to new workers and people seeking to upgrade their skills. Middle-skill jobs typically require a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree.

The unemployment rate in Delaware is similar to the national average. In 2016, the state had an unemployment rate of 4.4 percent. Those with a four-year degree earned a lower unemployment rate than those without little education. However, the percentage of unemployed high school graduates was higher than those with an associate’s degree or higher. These figures suggest that there is a significant demand for nurses in Delaware. There are many nursing programs in the state and ample job openings at all levels.

The state’s economy employs about 453k people. Top-paying industries include construction, elementary and secondary education, and restaurants & food services. The state ranks fifteenth in the nation for average pay for these jobs. Using ZipRecruiter, job seekers can search for millions of active employment in Delaware and find the best-paying jobs. They may be surprised at how much higher the average salary is in Delaware. And despite the low-paying jobs, they do pay well.

Cost of living in Delaware

The cost of living in Delaware is higher than the national average. The median income is $64,805, and 28.9% of the population rents their homes. On average, Delaware residents spend $1,026 per year on gas. Many factors affect the cost of living in Delaware. Here are some of the most important considerations. If you plan to move to Delaware, know what to expect from the average rent in Delaware.

One of the most significant differences between Delaware and other East Coast states is the cost of living. While Delaware has a higher cost of living than most other states, the state’s median household income is eight percent higher. In addition, Delaware residents enjoy a low tax burden, with no state sales or personal property tax. Delaware has a growing economy, and employment rates are higher than the national average. However, there are still differences between the cities regarding the cost of living.

The cost of living in Delaware is higher than the national average, though prices are much lower in rural areas. Living expenses in Delaware include taxes, utilities, groceries, transportation, health care, and other miscellaneous costs. The cost of living in Delaware is significantly lower than that of many other Northeastern states. A two-bedroom house can be rented for about $800 per month. Three-bedroom houses can be rented for around $1000 per month.

Social life in Delaware

Delaware’s early history is characterized by various religious beliefs, including Catholicism, Lutheranism, and Presbyterianism. The state was also home to many itinerant Methodist preachers. Despite these differences, Delawareans were very welcoming to them. Today, Delaware is the home of many religious and cultural traditions. Social life in Delaware is a vibrant mix of local customs and state-run institutions. Delaware has a thriving social scene, from quaint village pubs to modern, high-tech businesses.

Students can find numerous activities at Delaware colleges, including clubs, organizations, and extracurricular activities. There are also many opportunities for students to be involved in student government and other student groups. Students can also participate in various sports, including soccer, softball, and cross-country running. Many colleges in Delaware also offer swimming and diving programs. For those interested in participating in more competitive activities, the college offers clubs and societies that focus on specific areas of study.

In 1638, the Dutch colonized modern-day Delaware. The Dutch West India Trading Company established posts in the area with Native Americans. The Swedish fort near Wilmington was renamed Fort Christina, and Clas Larsson Fleming led the company. In 1648, the Dutch laid claim to the colony and installed a governor, Samuel Blommaert. The English then took control of the territory.

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Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, is a favorite vacation destination for families on the East Coast. The 30 miles of oceanfront shoreline provide excellent swimming, surfing, sailing, and paddle-boarding opportunities. The town also offers diverse events and great restaurants and attractions. Plan to stay at one of the town’s inns for a memorable vacation.

Visitors to Rehoboth can enjoy various live music at the City of Rehoboth Beach Bandstand. The open-air concert series begins in mid-June and runs through Labor Day weekend. Over 40 bands and orchestras play at the free concert, sponsored by the City of Rehoboth Beach. The Bandstand also hosts movies, orchestras, and variety acts.

Rehoboth Beach is not as developed as its neighbors so you can expect a more laid-back atmosphere here. In addition to the award-winning Boardwalk, Rehoboth is home to several specialty stores, amusement parks, and beautiful historic venues. You can visit the town’s Clear Space Theatre if you want to stay indoors. You can also enjoy a show at the Clear Space Theatre if you want a little nightlife.

Politics in Delaware

A tiny U.S. state, Delaware borders the Atlantic Ocean, Delaware River, and Delaware Bay. The state’s first state heritage park includes many 18th-century Colonial landmarks. The capital city of Dover is known for the Georgian-style Old State House. Wilmington is known for its riverfront district with boutiques and restaurants. The state’s politics are complicated, but the residents remain firmly united. Here are the basics of Delaware politics.

While many people think of Delaware politics as state politics, there are many different levels of government. Residents in Delaware live in three separate counties, each with a mayor and town manager. The website provides voter information and links to state agencies and representatives. Residents can sign up to receive emails about upcoming events or find out how they can engage with local government. You can also find public meetings and calendars. If you are interested in politics, Delaware is the place for you.

The state is diverse in terms of ethnic and racial composition. According to the University of Delaware’s Delaware Politics Survey, black residents identify as 76 percent Democratic, 17 percent independent, and 3 percent liberal. These numbers indicate that racial division is not the only issue facing black voters in Delaware. Delaware’s black population is increasingly diverse, with newcomers from black communities coming to the state from all over the country. The number of women running for elected positions has also risen over the last two decades.

Rehoboth Beach is a liberal state.

The political climate in Rehoboth Beach, DE, and surrounding Sussex County, DE, is conservative but not exceptionally so. The majority of voters in Sussex County voted for the Republican Party in the last presidential election. Just one percent of Sussex County residents voted for an Independent. While these numbers are conservative for the state, the town is liberal and has long been a gay-friendly destination. While Trump signs are often visible on rural county roads outside of town, they are almost impossible to spot in Rehoboth. The Biden-Harris signs, however, are usually seen on larger homes in exclusive neighborhoods like Henlopen Acres.

While many residents are conservative, some of the coastal towns of Rehoboth Beach are progressive. They oppose the proposal to extend voting rights to owners of limited liability companies. They object to corporate influence in local politics and fear potential voter fraud using secretive shell companies. In addition to conservative voters, the American Civil Liberties Union of Delaware and other liberal organizations have vehemently opposed this proposal. In a letter to the town’s leaders, ACLU executive director Joanne W. Young urged officials not to enact this bill.

Transportation options in Delaware

Public transportation in Delaware includes buses, trains, and ferries. Delaware’s DART system provides local bus service and a statewide network of bus routes. Additionally, Delaware offers paratransit services, commuter trains contracted through SEPTA, and RideShare. Depending on your needs, the right transportation option in Delaware may be just what you need. Consider the following options to make getting around Delaware as easy and convenient as possible.

Bike Delaware is a nonprofit organization that promotes walking and cycling in Delaware. They also engage in nonpartisan advocacy. Bike Delaware’s voter’s guide is a permitted voter education activity sent to all candidates in contested races in the state. Of note, over half of the candidates responded to the survey. Those interested in a more personal approach to transportation may consider telecommuting and alternative transportation options.

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Taxis are widely available in most of Delaware’s main tourist spots. In contrast, navigating Delaware’s countryside and Brandywine Valley requires private transportation. You’ll find taxi services and ridesharing apps when traveling to one of Delaware’s beaches. Otherwise, you’ll need to plan your trip to use public transportation. A car is also necessary if you plan to travel outside your primary destination.

When deciding whether to move to a particular area, one of the most important questions you should ask yourself is the cost of living in Rehoboth Beach. This article will discuss the cost of living, crime rate, quality of life, and location. Once you have answered these questions, you can start researching the area you are interested in. We also cover the cost of living in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Cost of living

The average cost of living in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, is higher than in the rest of the state. The median home value is $510,522, while rental rates are about $900. Taxes, utilities, groceries, health care, transportation, and miscellaneous costs also contribute to the cost of living. However, these costs do not necessarily indicate the overall cost of living in Rehoboth Beach.

Housing is one of the highest costs in a typical budget. Homes in Rehoboth Beach are on the higher end of the price spectrum, with a median cost of $605,000 — $700 higher than the U.S. average. However, there are cost-friendly neighborhoods nearby if you have a stricter budget. Rehoboth Beach is not as large as neighboring Bethany Beach, so the cost of living in Rehoboth Beach is more affordable than its neighbors.

In Rehoboth Beach, you will find that the average cost of transportation is lower than in the rest of the state and the nation. You can expect to spend 25.4 minutes in traffic to get to work on average, which is significantly less than the national average. However, most residents still commute by car, and the second-largest segment works from home. In addition to transportation costs, the cost of living in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, is less than the national average for most items.

Single individuals living in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, can be as low as $790 a month for a studio apartment. A one-bedroom apartment in Rehoboth Beach costs around $1,120 per month. This is within the national, state, and metro areas. A two-bedroom apartment in Rehoboth Beach costs $1,180 per month, and a three-bedroom apartment costs $1,700. For those looking for a larger home, a four-bedroom apartment in Rehoboth Beach may cost $230.

For a person of average income, the cost of living in Rehoboth Beach is about $55,000. This is significant, but the state is an excellent place to live. There are a variety of historical and quaint locations to visit. It is also economically sound. However, it is essential to consider the impact on your budget and lifestyle before relocating to a new town.

Crime rate

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, has higher crime rates than most other U.S. cities, but crime is still low overall. Crime statistics vary greatly among neighborhoods, so residents should know the rates of crimes in their area. Knowledge of crime statistics can help you and your loved ones stay safe. The table below presents a breakdown of crime rates in Rehoboth Beach. The rate of crimes per 1000 residents is higher than the national average but lower than the state average.

The property crime rate in Rehoboth Beach is higher than the national average, but it matches that of the surrounding states. The violent crime rate is higher than in the South Atlantic region and slightly higher than the national average. While most residents are safe in Delaware, they should avoid high-crime neighborhoods to prevent future problems. Located in a popular tourist spot, Rehoboth Beach is an ideal place to live for families with children.

The state’s overall crime rate remains below the national average. The murder rate in Delaware remains below the national average, while the overall crime rate is lower. Delaware’s violent crime rate is below the national average, while the state’s total crime rate is 6,422.0 per 100,000 people. However, the murder rate is below the national average, and Laurel’s real crime rate is lower than its New York counterpart.

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A higher crime rate is a problem in poorer neighborhoods. People in poverty are more likely to commit criminal activity to meet basic needs. Therefore, addressing the high living costs in impoverished areas can reduce the crime rate. And, if crime does drop in a neighborhood, it will benefit everyone. Therefore, crime rates can decrease in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. While this is a difficult task, there are ways to improve the situation.

While Rehoboth Beach has lower property crime than neighboring towns, the state also has a higher violent crime rate than non-violent crimes. While Rehoboth Beach experienced 122 violent crimes between 2007 and 2017, six were legacy rapes. The number of robberies and aggravated assaults was 35 and 81, respectively. The Rehoboth Beach Police Department comprises 28 employees and belongs to the South Atlantic division.

Quality of life

The cost of living is a significant factor when considering relocating. Rehoboth Beach is priced slightly below the national average and lower than the cost of living in most other cities in Delaware. While some areas are more expensive on a state or federal level, the overall costs for housing, utilities, and miscellaneous goods are significantly less than the national average. However, residents may feel that their quality of life is lower than the national average.

Residents of Rehoboth Beach enjoy a relaxed pace of life and a slight town feel. This coastal community offers an excellent sandy beach and plenty of activities for families and youngsters. The city has several parks, walking trails, wooden boardwalks, and quaint shops. Its proximity to Washington, DC, and Philadelphia allows residents to enjoy the slow pace of life that is so popular along the Delaware coast.

A walk down Rehoboth Beach’s Boardwalk leads to a wide variety of dining options. There are also many craft breweries to sample, including Dogfish Head. If you prefer a craft beer, you can try one of the many fine breweries in Rehoboth Beach, including the popular Rehoboth Art League and the Clear Space Theatre Company. You’ll be glad you did!

In the state of Delaware, Rehoboth Beach offers a diverse lifestyle, a wide range of amenities, and a low cost of living. Many residents enjoy the natural resources and abundant fresh opportunities the state offers. There are also plenty of great entertainment venues in Rehoboth Beach. And, when you’re tired of beach life, you can easily commute to Lewes or Wilmington. The state’s Cape May-Lewes Ferry service transports cars across Delaware Bay.

If you’re a fan of live performances, you’ll love the Rehoboth Bandstand. Founded in 1962, the Bandstand sits on the beachfront and is an iconic destination for music lovers. Its summer concert series is one of the year’s most popular events, and over 40 bands play here every summer. Rehoboth is the perfect place for a date night with a year-round musical and theatrical events schedule.


A vacation to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, is a great way to enjoy the Atlantic Coast’s natural beauty. Stroll down the town’s historic Boardwalk, lined with restaurants and shops. Catch a free concert on the Rehoboth Beach Bandstand during the summer months. Explore the town’s history in the Rehoboth Beach Museum, or visit Cape Henlopen State Park for hiking trails through dunes and an observation tower from 1941.

Those who enjoy craft beer will enjoy the newly-built breweries, which feature cold drafts and craft beer. Dogfish Head is the original craft brewery in Delaware, and its 90-Minute IPA is a local favorite. Visitors can take a short drive to Milton, the nearest city, to sample its brews. The two brewpubs are located side by side on Rehoboth Avenue, making them an excellent day trip from Rehoboth Beach.

Native Americans were the first inhabitants of the area. They lived in nearby villages and went to the beach in the summer. Later, Dutch and English settlers moved to the site, becoming farmers and members of the English province. During the American Revolution, they also established colonies and participated in military campaigns. Today, Rehoboth Beach is a bustling beach town with plenty to do. In addition to the ocean, Rehoboth Beach has many restaurants, galleries, and other places to enjoy.

Rehoboth Beach is located on the Atlantic Coastal Plain, which means that the Atlantic Ocean and Rehoboth Bay moderate the weather. The weather in Rehoboth is mild subtropical, with warm, humid summers and cool winters. The city had an average temperature of 87 deg (33 deg) in July and only 4.78 inches of precipitation in January.

Rehoboth Beach is located in Sussex County and is a popular regional vacation destination. Delaware Route 1 connects Rehoboth Beach to Wilmington, Philadelphia, and points west. Delaware Route 404 connects Rehoboth Beach to Baltimore and the Chesapeake Bay. Delaware Route 404 connects the city by car to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, the nearest way to the Chesapeake Bay.

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What Is It Like To Live In Delaware?
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