Is Robertsville, New Jersey A Boring Place To Live?

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One resident of Franklin Lakes suggested that Robertsville be the most boring town in the state. But the town’s residents are proud of its history. In 1777, it was here that the American flag was unfurled officially. Despite being the most boring town in New Jersey, it is home to the first unfurling of an American flag. And there’s a lot of history to tell about all of these towns.


In the northeastern corner of New Jersey, Hillsdale is the equivalent of a sponge that absorbs the influx of New Yorkers. It’s not as old as Springdale, but it’s about 25 miles from Manhattan and close to the Garden State Parkway. Despite its relatively small size, Hillsdale ranks high in four key categories. Its 16 percent marriage rate makes it the 16th most popular place to live in New Jersey, and its lack of a central business district and library make it a great place to raise a family.

People in this area aren’t as active and exciting as in some areas of New York City. This means that there are fewer nightclubs, clubs, and fast-food restaurants. There’s also no music scene in town. This is not a good thing if you want to get out and explore. It’s not as exciting as New York, but if you want to get out and have fun, NJ has plenty to offer.


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The city is near the mouth of the Hudson River, and the most pleasant months are June, September, and August. The most unpleasing months are January and February. Robertsville is in the center of the largest metropolitan area in the United States, including the island of Manhattan and the eight-county area immediately north. The site also encompasses western Long Island and the state of Staten Island. It is one of the most populous and prosperous areas in America. The population of Robertsville is currently 11,987, with an increase of 9.6% from 2020.


If you’re wondering if Ringwood, New Jersey is a boring town, look no further. This northern New Jersey city is spread out in four different spots, including Cupsaw, Erskine, Skyline, and MineyVille. Despite being small, the population of Ringwood is still over 12 thousand people. Ringwood is also home to several high-profile sporting events, including the Ringwood vs. Lakeland football game, which all Ringwood residents watch.

The only people who complain that Ringwood, NJ is a boring town are those who cannot stand the thought of being surrounded by nature. Ringwood’s center is surrounded by beautiful scenery, which makes the city incredibly picturesque. Many residents joke that people who grow up in Ringwood stay there forever, even though they’ve only lived there for a short time.

A municipal water system serves the town’s residents. Located near the Wanaque Reservoir, Ringwood residents enjoy the benefit of drinking water shared by nearly two million people in Newark and Jersey City. The town’s housing stock is mainly single-family homes, which range in style from winterized cabins to sprawling, modern houses. The town’s mayor is an avid hiker and was elected on an open-space platform, despite the high number of residential apartments.


If you’re wondering if Trenton, New Jersey is a boring town to live in, think again. The city is a bustling capital city steeped in history, with a crime rate slightly above the national average. It’s only marginally higher than the state average, with a violent crime rate 196% higher than the national average. Still, the city’s average home price is still very reasonable, at $231,436.

Nothing is boring about the small-town feel of Trenton. Residents enjoy its proximity to Philadelphia and New York City, which makes it a perfect place to raise a family. The city is also an excellent destination for history buffs and families looking for a small-town atmosphere. The city’s population is relatively affordable and has a thriving art and cultural scene. It’s also a quick train ride from New York and Philadelphia.

The public schools in Trenton are below the national average, and the test scores are slightly better. This means that residents will have to do some research to find the best schools. Trenton has many good qualities, but it’s worth looking into the city’s negative attributes before moving there. You’ll probably find a place to call home in no time. It’s a good place for businesses and families.

Long Branch

It might sound like a boring place to live, but Long Branch, New Jersey, is anything but. It has a beautiful beach, a reasonably new boardwalk, and plenty of middle-class and upper-class apartments. However, the community does have a few drawbacks. While there is drug activity and the occasional shooting, this city is still generally pleasant. The people of Long Branch are a mix of working and middle-class. It’s not uncommon to see a Brazilian or other foreign-born resident living in the area. Those who live in Long Branch are generally middle-class, but that’s not to say there is no sex life in this community.

If you don’t enjoy a lack of entertainment, then Long Branch is probably not for you. The city boasts an 8% unemployment rate and the lowest median income in New Jersey. The crime rate is also high — Long Branch residents have a 1 in 48.8 chance of being robbed or attacked, and the median income is only about $8,000.


Ridgewood, New Jersey, is a suburb of New York City that is exceptionally close to the Big Apple. But the traffic in this area can get beastly at times. In addition to Ridgewood, residents of neighboring Wyckoff, a city near Ridgewood, enjoy all the amenities of their own suburb. Other nearby towns include Fair Lawn, which has a high Jewish population, and Montclair, which is just as close to Manhattan but has a direct rail line to Penn Station.

Although the city once housed mobs, crime in Ridgewood has declined for twenty to twenty-five years. It is part of the 104th precinct, including Glendale, Maspeth, and Middle Village. The 1990 CompStat report lists eleven murders, 21 rapes, and 1,307 robberies, 279 felony assaults, 2,562 burglaries, and 884 grand larcenies. However, the most recent CompStat report shows a decline of nearly 50 percent since the year 2000.

Although many consider Ridgewood a «boring» neighborhood, it has several benefits. Ridgewood has low crime rates, making it an excellent place for families with children. Residents of Ridgewood are also gun owners and have high religious ratings. Furthermore, the town has a high level of altruism and community involvement. The people in Ridgewood are friendly and take pride in their neighborhood.


If you are considering moving to Pleasantville, NJ, you might be wondering if it’s really a boring place to live. While you’ve probably heard that Pleasantville, NJ is one of the worst places to live, that’s not always the case. In fact, living in Pleasantville can be pretty exciting! The following information will provide you with some helpful tips for making your move a success.

The residents of Pleasantville are primarily middle-aged, older, and less energetic than those in many other New Jersey cities. There are fewer fast-food restaurants and few young people. Because of this, the city is much more laid back than many other places. Moreover, it isn’t easy to find any type of nightlife in the area. However, the lack of nightlife is a draw to residents.

If you are looking for an affordable home in New Jersey, check out the real estate market in the area. You can find plenty of apartments for sale in Pleasantville. But if you want to feel a bit adventurous, look outside the town’s borders. There are several great neighborhoods in the area. And if you have kids, consider renting an apartment. Apartments and houses in Pleasantville are often more affordable than in other towns. Despite the small size, the real estate market is booming. And as a bonus, there are plenty of things to do while you’re living there.

Living in Trenton is safe. There is a 1 in 32 chance of being a victim of a crime. This makes it safer than 6% of US cities. However, some bad neighborhoods in Trenton, too, are selective when choosing where to live. Read on to learn more about Trenton’s neighborhoods. You may even find yourself moving there! Here are some things to know about living in Trenton.

Cadwalader Park

The restoration of Cadwalader Park in Trenton, New Jersey, is a major project funded by the state’s Department of Environmental Protection. The project includes new playground equipment, improved pathways, and a relocated picnic grove. Since the park’s opening, various schemes have been completed, including a newly constructed playground. Visitors will enjoy all these improvements. Besides being a beautiful place to visit, Cadwalader Park is also well-connected to the city’s major routes.

In addition to the Ellarslie Museum, Trenton’s historical past can be explored in the museum galleries. The museum exhibits vintage photographs and park memorabilia. Visitors will also be able to view works of art that were explicitly created for the park, contributed by contemporary artists, or loaned from private collections. The surprisingly large surplus generated by the government’s tax revenue could be used to do more. The city is currently considering tax relief for residents.

The city’s recreation system is incomplete without Cadwalader Park, the city’s largest public park. It features more than 100 acres of park space and is Trenton’s oldest park. Its name was inspired by the founder of Trenton, Thomas Cadwalader, who lived nearby and was later named chief burgess. Frederick Law Olmsted designed the park, home to many unique attractions, such as the Trenton Balloon Man and the City Museum.

The Junior Champions Tennis Center is another excellent facility in Trenton, NJ. Founded by the National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL) of Trenton, the Junior Champions Tennis Center features the nation’s largest junior short-court-lined tennis center. It features fourteen 10 & Under permanent courts and six refurbished hard courts. The center was built in a public-private partnership and cost $950,000 to develop. The facility also received the National Outstanding Public Facility Award.

In 1890, civic leaders in Trenton commissioned Frederick Law Olmsted to design the park. Olmsted, a prominent landscape architect, was responsible for many iconic parks in the United States, including Central Park in New York City and Cadwalader Park in Trenton. His design for Cadwalader Park, which is also the site of the Ellarslie mansion, features curvilinear drives, naturalistic plantings, and many original trees.

The last influence Olmsted had on Cadwalader Park was the entrance path near the Parkside Avenue tunnel. The park was only partially completed when the Olmsted firm was involved in the planning process. Between the spring of 1892 and 1910, the firm responded to two queries regarding the park. The first was for a suitable enclosure for deer. The other query was for a place for a playground. The new administration opposed spending on parks, so the Olmsted design resulted.

Cadwalader State Park

If you love nature, you’ll love Cadwalader State Park in Trenton. It’s a 100-acre green space, one of Trenton’s oldest parks. This park is named after Thomas Cadwalader, who lived near Trenton and became its chief burgess in 1746. Today, you can find fun things to do in Cadwalader State Park.

Once a bustling family park, Cadwalader Park is a great place to walk or run. In the park, you can see English Fallow Deer, donkeys, peacocks, geese, and other animals. The park is divided into two sections by the D&R Canal, which separates its pastoral setting from its more active recreation areas. The D&R Canal runs through the upper and lower portions of the park, dividing the recreational areas from their rural surroundings.

The park began to deteriorate after the early nineteenth century. In 1841, the property was sold to Henry McCall, who commissioned Philadelphia architect John Notman to design a home for him. The mansion was known as Ellarslie. The house was an Italianate villa, with two large piazzas on the west and south sides. It was also known for a tree-lined entry drive.

Cadwalader Park is a must-see if you want to explore the outdoors in Trenton, NJ. Visitors to Cadwalader State Park should download the free Moovit app to navigate the city. With its intuitive interface, Moovit makes riding public transportation a breeze. You can also find alternative routes or train times from your destination using Moovit. This app has more than 930 million users.

The park’s history is rich with architectural significance. It was designed according to the original plans of Frederick Law Olmsted, who had a profound impact on the landscape of Trenton. Its landscape, characterized by rolling hills, open lawns, and sweeping views, has survived despite the park’s age and neglect. Its preservation is mainly due to inaction on the part of the city. There is not enough funding for major capital projects, which has caused many of the trees to die off.

Many people are protesting the city’s plan to remove the park’s gates this year. On Wednesday, several council members met in the park demanding that Mayor Reed Gusciora lift the barriers. The park’s gates were installed in 1996, and the temporary concrete barriers were removed in September. Some residents have accused McBride of racist behavior and limiting access to the park.

In 1881, George Farlee bought the McCall estate. He subdivided the land to create the Hillcrest neighborhood and sold the remaining 80 acres to the city. The city was looking for a park, and the land was acquired for $50,000 on May 22, 1888. It was inspected before the Farlee family could pack up their belongings. While the park is in Trenton, NJ, you can visit the Ellarslie Mansion, which was built in 1890.

Cadwalader Canal State Park

If you plan to visit Trenton, New Jersey, you may want to check out Cadwalader Park. This 100-acre green space is the oldest park in the city and is named for a former resident of Trenton, Thomas Cadwalader. The man was a prominent figure in the area’s history and later became the city’s chief burgess.

After the Civil War, Trenton purchased 80 acres of the land to create Cadwalader Park. The original landowner, George W. Farlee, had sold it for $50,000. Ten acres were south of the canal, along the Delaware River. Superintendent Russell Thayer proposed using this strip of land for a drive. The proposal was approved by the city’s common council and mayor. Today, Cadwalader Canal State Park has numerous activities for families to enjoy.

The park’s 110 acres used to be a thriving family environment, with English Fallow Deer, donkeys, peacocks, and geese. The park is now in a more basic state but still offers plenty of recreational options. The park once hosted pony rides, concerts, and picnics. There were also zoo animals. The D&R Canal was built between 1832 and 1834, dividing active recreation from a serene pastoral setting.

While in the city, you’ll want to take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy some peace at Cadwalader Park. With a playground, historical significance, and a bridge over the Delaware and Raritan Canal, this park is perfect for reading a book or simply relaxing with your friends. The park’s peaceful surroundings will make you feel relaxed and refreshed. The park is located in the heart of downtown Trenton and has ample street parking.

In 1887, the city purchased the Ellarslie Mansion from George Farlee. A committee on the Common Council then began searching for a place to place a city park. Olmsted, the designer of Central Park in New York, applied the same principles to Cadwalader Park. Today, this park is a popular destination for Trenton residents and visitors alike. It was the first park in New Jersey designed by Olmsted. Currently, it houses the Trenton City Museum.

The Ellarslie Mansion sits atop a hill in Cadwalader Park. This Italianate-style villa was built in 1890 and is located in the western part of the city. It is a prime example of a country estate within urban Trenton. The Cadwalader Gas Company once used the mansion, which General Thomas Cadwalader later bought.

The city’s civic leaders commissioned Frederick Law Olmsted to design the park. Olmsted was regarded as the father of American landscape architecture. Other notable works include Central Park in New York City and Cadwalader Park in Trenton, NJ. Its layout and design are still popular today. So, if you consider visiting Trenton, don’t miss this opportunity! You’ll be glad you did!

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Is Robertsville, New Jersey A Boring Place To Live?
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