What’s Normal in New Jersey But Weird in Other States?

What’s Normal in New Jersey But Weird in Other States? image 0

There are a lot of things that make a state different. Some of them are cultural, while others are simply geographical. Some of them are downright bizarre, like the way Teresa puts ice cubes in her Chablis. Other oddities include that people in New Jersey go grocery shopping in velour pants with sequins embroidered on the waist. New Jersey is unlike anywhere else, whether it’s the food, the weather, or the people.


If you’re looking for something normal in New Jersey but weird in other places, New York City might be the place for you. It’s affordable and has excellent beaches, art museums, and food from around the world. And if you’re curious about what makes New Jersey special, you may want to spend some time there. Just be aware that New Jerseyans all hate Staten Island. This article will give you some insight into this odd state.

The Garden State is a densely populated region often overshadowed by the more significant state of New York. As a result, its citizens have had to create their rigid identity, with a unique accent eliciting puns and eye rolls. The Garden State is also a state that is deeply proud of its people and culture. If you’re wondering what makes New Jerseyians unique, try comparing how they speak to other states.

Its attitude

When visiting New Jersey, you’ll notice that the state is incredibly diverse. You’ll see people dressed as Johnny Bravo clones and aliens wearing velour pants with sequins. «KISS MY JERSEY ASS.» But what’s weird about Jersey? Here’s what you need to know about this quirky state. If you’re planning a trip to the Garden State, you’ll find that the residents are fiercely patriotic and proud.

Its geography

The state of New Jersey lies on the northeastern edge of the North American continent. It shares its land border with New York along the north. This border was ratified after the New York-New Jersey Line War. This is the only straight-line border between the two states. New Jersey also shares a border with Delaware to the south. There are several other interesting geological features in the state. This article will discuss some of the more unusual ones.

The first people to settle in New Jersey arrived approximately 12,000 years ago. These people were a mobile hunter-gatherer society. Thousands of years later, the Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano was the first European to reach the region. Later, the Dutch colonists were joined by Swedish, Finnish, and Dutch settlers. English settlers continued to fight over the area until 1664. In that year, New Jersey became one of England’s thirteen colonies.

The Kittatinny Mountains are found along the northwestern border of New Jersey. At 1,803 feet, its summit is known as High Point. In Monmouth County, the Atlantic Highlands contains Mount Mitchell, the highest point south of Maine on the eastern seaboard. Its landscape is dominated by a diverse array of landscapes and habitats. The state is home to various natural features, from dense forests to pristine beaches.

The southern part of the state comprises a large region known as the Atlantic Coastal Plain. This region features rolling hills gently with salt marshes. This region is home to Atlantic City, Ocean City, and Cape May. Despite the lack of agriculture, this region remains a popular vacation spot. The coastal plain is home to Atlantic City and the Atlantic Barrier Islands, remnants of long periods of sea overflow.

Its people

While driving a car in New Jersey may be expected, you might not find this the norm in other states. New Jerseyans take pride in their driving abilities and satisfaction in the food they eat, and they’re also far better drivers than residents of other states. There are some other unique differences between New Jerseyans and other residents of other states. Learn about them below! Also, learn about their unique culture and how it makes them stand out from the rest of the country.

The state of New Jersey is an East Coast hub for heavy industries. Some parts of the state resemble scenes from Blade Runner, while others seem straight out of Rammstein’s lyrics. If you only drive through New Jersey while passing through, you’re missing out on the entire state. Judging the state based on the interstate is like judging New York City by the Port Authority bathrooms. It’s weird.

Its weather

In the past year, three northern and central New Jersey towns experienced various types of winter weather. The same winter storm system resulted in multiple types of precipitation in the three places. This is primarily due to differences in topography and temperatures. Despite the different conditions, the same weather pattern is often the cause of extremes in New Jersey. But what made this particular storm system so unpredictable and unique?

For most Americans, the choice is simple: which state is better for you? New Jersey or Pennsylvania? This article will shed light on the issue: of education, diverse population, and housing affordability. Listed below are some of the top reasons to live in these states. And as a reminder, neither is worse than the other. This is based on a study of telephone survey responses from 178,000 adults.

New Jersey is a Democratic stronghold.

The suburban areas of Pennsylvania are not necessarily Republican strongholds. In the past, New Jersey’s congressional delegation included roughly equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans. However, in the recent election, a sea change occurred, as Democrats won 11 of the state’s 12 congressional seats, with one Republican defecting from the party last year. Still, the suburban districts remained solidly Democratic, with 10 of the 12 seats remaining in Democratic hands.

In recent years, New Jersey has become bluer, and Republicans seized the opportunity to make inroads into the state’s formerly red counties. In particular, a Democratic incumbent, Phil Murphy, was hailed by The Nation as America’s most progressive governor. But Murphy underperformed even among suburban voters, which have been trending blue since the Chris Christie years. In South Jersey, one of the most surprising Republican pick-ups was in Gloucester County.

Despite this, results in New Jersey are not entirely clear as of Tuesday night. The reason for the delay is the number of mail-in votes and provisional ballots that remained uncounted. However, this will likely boost Murphy’s margin because Democrats use mail-in voting more often than Republicans. The increased mail-in vote will also increase turnout, which could make the victory closer than the polls had predicted.

Although New Jersey is a stronghold for Democrats, the state has a high proportion of independent voters who have little loyalty to either party. Also, the state has the highest property taxes in the nation, which has sunk previous Democratic governors and Republicans alike. Ciattarelli’s campaign focused heavily on property taxes, and he attacked Murphy in debates. However, it’s important to remember that polls do not reflect voter enthusiasm.

It has a diverse population.

The United States is a large country with a diverse population. According to the Public Religion Research Institute, 40% of Americans agree that the government is stronger because of its diversity, while just 22% disagree. This majority support for E Pluribus Unum holds regardless of party affiliation, race, education, and region. Also, the phrase «We are a diverse nation» is widely regarded as a positive statement, regardless of how it is framed.

It has a more affordable housing market.

The New Jersey housing market is not as extreme as some areas in the United States, but it’s still not cheap. The average price of a typical home in the state is $405,000, which means that homebuyers will pay almost $460 more per month than they did a year ago. However, there’s still a decent supply of homes for sale. Compared to the price of homes in the New York metro area, home prices in NJ are still lower than those of other parts of the country.

A significant problem in the Pennsylvania housing market is the high cost of housing in the Midstate region. In recent years, accommodation in the Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton metro area has skyrocketed. While this is a result of the anthracite coal industry, the site has also experienced rapid growth, especially in recent years. That has exacerbated the housing crisis in the region.

While Pennsylvania’s housing market is competitive, homes in the suburbs of New Jersey remain more affordable. Movoto lists the ten most expensive Philadelphia suburbs, which include eight Pennsylvania neighborhoods and two in New Jersey. As a result, prices are continuing to rise. This is good news for homeowners in New Jersey who can afford to buy a house that’s a little less expensive than the price of a similar home in Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia region’s affordability is a factor in New Jersey’s more affordable housing market. According to a recent Drexel University study, the Philadelphia region’s median home price is higher than that of Pennsylvania. The affordability index includes the cost of daily life and housing and compares it to median family incomes. The Philadelphia region, for example, had the most extensive inventory at 54 days last month, down from 73 days in January 2016.

It has a tax-friendly environment for retirees.

Regarding taxes for retirees, New Jersey is ranked among the least-friendly states in the union. The average combined state and local sales tax is the eighth highest in the country, excluding Social Security and some government pensions from the state income tax. In addition, it taxes any income above $20,000 that comes from out-of-state government pensions or private retirement plans.

Many retirees find the Garden State unappealing for various reasons, including high state and local taxes. However, a popular state tax incentive may help them reconsider their decision. Under a bill passed earlier this month, more residents would qualify for the state income-tax exclusion. It would also lower the net taxable income of residents saving for retirement through other federally recognized retirement plans, such as the 403(b) and the individual retirement account.

For example, many retirees want to live in an area with moderate temperatures. With only three months of cold weather, New Jersey’s climate is pleasant for many. And the state has low violent and property crime rates, unlike many other conditions. But even though it shares its northern border with several forms with higher crime rates, retirees may still want to consider retiring to New Jersey. The state has excellent things to do, including hiking in the summer and enjoying a day at the beach.

Among the benefits of retirement income in New Jersey are a significant tax deduction for people over 62. Those aged 62 and a joint filer can deduct up to $75,000 pensions from their federal income. Single filers can deduct up to $50,000 from their allowances if their AGI is less than $150,000. Similarly, people with an AGI between $100001 and $125,000 can deduct a certain percentage from their pensions. The rate is 37.5% for singles and 50% for those married filing separately.

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What’s Normal in New Jersey But Weird in Other States?
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